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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

About Flickr

One of my most recent Flickr uploads.

I recently started to use Flickr as my primary photo uploading site because it appears to be pretty reliable. It's the one place that does not lower the size and quality of the photos, and I like that. I have been using it for my new blogs, and I am really starting to like it. Unfortunately not all things are free, but I figured that I would bypass it in some way. My plan was to be careful of my uploads and try not to reach the max every month. Then I can just upload as many pictures as I want within my monthly upload limit. Too bad it's not that easy. Flickr just gave me the following message of death:

"You have 179 photos stored on Flickr. Once you hit 200, you'll need to upgrade to a Flickr Pro account or you'll only be able to see your most recent 200 photos.

Nothing will be deleted, and if you upgrade, you'll have unlimited space for all your things. Perhaps you'd like to upgrade to Pro now?"

Boo. What am I to do now? Should I switch to another uploading service? I have tried other sites before, but they have all failed. The quality is not up to par. Uploads are way too slow. There is a lack of organization. It's just impossible to find the perfect match without paying the premium price.

Have you ever heard of Xanga's Premium Life Account? You pay $100 for a super duper premium account, and it lasts for life. I think that is AMAZING! Now I only wish that Flickr could do the same.

Let's say that I do pay $25 for this one year of uploading service. What happens if I don't pay the following year? Will only the most recent 200 photos appear in my account, and the rest "disappear" from sight? Hmm. The $25 is a small price when I consider how much I do upload each month, especially at the height of my blogging. It would be great to have an online storage center of all of my photos.

Maybe I'll just add it to my birthday wish list. =)


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