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Thursday, June 18, 2009

About Today's Schedule

While it may not be a big deal, I did come up with a rough schedule for today, and I'm following bits and pieces of it. I will soon make a detailed spreadsheet to keep me in check. I probably have too many eggs in one basket, and I might just go a little crazy.

Today I did a little wedding planning and organizing my thoughts in Microsoft Word. We may have a snack table for our guests to enjoy some of our favorite non-traditional snacks and drinks. Among the items will be Pocky (thinking about both chocolate and strawberry), Ramune, and Vita boxed drinks. It's a rather puny list of items, but it all adds up. I looked into prices online for wholesale, but shipping pretty much nixes the idea of buying online. Most likely we'll try to hit up the grocery stores in Chinatown and Washington to figure out the best deals. Why can't we live in California where Costco sells ramune for wholesale like it's an everyday drink for the average consumer?

The next item on my list involves blogging, and I'm obviously blogging right now. =) I finally figured out how to add the twitter widget to my page, and now you can see it on the right side of my blog. Oddly enough I saw it on an asian online grocery store website (while researching) with a link to add my own widget from twitter. I should have figured it out much sooner. Oh and the twitter account is specifically for this blog. It's my random thoughts pretty much uncensored.

I'm also working on expanding my yelp reviews with possibly one review a day. That doesn't sound too difficult. Today's feature review will be Plaka Grill in Vienna, VA. Hmm.. yummy greek food. It's probably not smart to be writing about food on an empty stomach.

The biggest project for today will probably be editing photos. There's a promo code for Walgreens that ends this Saturday for $.10 prints if you order 50 or more. Last time I ordered over 200 photos, and the quality was pretty good. I've heard that quality does vary from store to store, and you'll probably get the best from the newer stores that have more up to date printers. The current project will be to finish editing and print Ty's graduation photos for the family to see this weekend. I'm dreading this already.

screen shot of photo editing in lightroom.. yes, I work with two screen cause it's pure awesomeness

To try to make life more difficult I have this huge urge to start a craft project. There is too much online inspiration today, and I have to at least attempt something.. right? Here's the beauty that caught my eye today...

from weddingbeepro's talented Llubav Choy Duerr

Hmm... I think I can get it all done


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