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Monday, June 22, 2009

About My Future Craft Room

Now that the house is a tad closer within our reach (home inspection and a tad more support from hubby's parents), I cannot stop thinking about the decorating possibilities. The house is pretty much move in ready (if the owner helps us with the major roof and heater replacement), and we would not need to get started on any renovation projects right away. That's a huge bonus because we can't exactly afford to start any projects when all of our money is going into inspection, down payment, settlement, and closing costs. While we can't redo the kitchen cabinets any time soon, we can envision the set up for each room with the stuff we already have. The thoughts of moving in and settling down makes me super happy.

There's one room in particular which will be all MINE, and I am so looking forward to it. Of course it's my craft room, and that's something I probably would not have needed or wanted a year ago. A lot has changed in the past year, and I am a total crafting junkie. My crafting materials are so disorganized, and I really have no where to put them in the bedroom right now. For the Hubby and I the bedroom is pretty much an office, living room, and bedroom all in one. I am itching to get my craft stuff out of here and into a room by itself. I get all sorts of giddy just knowing that one day I can craft without making the whole room a total mess (it happens each and every time). I can finally have a place to put my Hello Kitty sewing machine, piles of felt, stacks of card stock paper, cutting mat, scrapbook paper, paper cutter, and all of my other accessories. Most of my stuff stays in boxes or stays put in the basement, and it's a shame.

Right now I'm thinking about transforming an ordinary work desk into a super cool crafting table. With the magic of spray paint, pretty much any colorful dream can happen.

via Creature Comforts

Princess Lasertron's Amazing Desk Transformation from Mustard Yellow to...

... Pretty Pink!! Isn't it amazing?

The amazing part is that I might actually have access to one of these office desks. Hubby's friend recently told us about a realty office in Fox Run that was moving out, and they had a lot of office desks up for grabs. We did get one for ourselves, but Hubby's dad has transformed it into his own desk. I asked Hubby's friend if he had any to spare, and I'm hoping that I can get my hands on another one.

Of course the ideas for decorating my own craft room are pretty much endless. I have so many ideas running in my head that I can barely keep up with writing them all down. I am so EXCITED!!! Now we just have to make sure that we get the house...


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