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Sunday, June 21, 2009

About My Dad

As a kid I was daddy's little girl. I was spoiled rotten by my dad's affection, and I wasn't even an only child (try 1 of 4 at the time and add in another one 9 years after my birth). My dad would treat me to a bar of chocolate at the grocery store every weekend until my doctor realized that I was allergic to chocolate. Even being the busy business owner that he was, he still had the time to bring me to amusement parks and take trips to nyc. I have only the fondest and best memories with my dad as a kid. As I got older my relationship with my dad still stayed strong. He was always there to try to calm me down after a huge argument with my mother. He was there to congratulate me and encourage me in school. We had many great conversations about everything you could think of, and I enjoyed our father daughter moments.

My dad is probably different from yours. He turns 78 this year, and while growing up I loved to brag about my dad's age (in his 60s at the time). My dad has been through quite a bit in his life (living in China, Hong Kong, Brazil for 10 years, and finally settling down in the US for the past 39 years). He's had a lot of life experience and many great friends. He didn't become a husband and father until his 40s, but that didn't get in the way of him being an amazing father to 5 daughters. Most Chinese people would look down upon my family for raising 5 girls with no boys to pass down the family name. My father could care less. He loves each one of us the same, and he would never trade one of us for a son.

While I may not be able to celebrate this father's day with my dad (he's overseas), I am definitely thinking about him today. I hope he has a smile on his face and that he's enjoying his time. Happy Father's Day!

Dutch Wonderland late 80s


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